UR leadership

Our success greatly relies on all capable, dedicated and diverse people at United Refineries from the top to the bottom, from the factory floor to the boardroom all parts work in unison to lead UR forward.

Values, Principles And Guidelines

    • SELF IMPROVEMENT. The desire to be better, and the willingness to do something about it
    • TRUTH/HONESTY. You can lie to everyone else but don’t lie to yourself (self honesty)
    • MISTAKES. A wise man makes mistakes, but a fool repeats them
    • PROBLEM SOLVING. Getting to the root cause of the problem
    • 80/20 RULE. Trust your instincts more, don’t over analyse, but don’t neglect the detail
    • START WITH WHY. Get to the truth of why you are doing something.
    • PUT YOURSELF IN THE OTHER PERSON’S SHOES. Walk a mile before making a judgement
    • WIN-WIN. With everything you do, ensure both parties walk away winning
    • PATIENCE WITH URGENCY. Be patient, but don’t wait for something to happen to you MAKE IT HAPPEN
    • COMMON SENSE…Is not so common. How to deal with not knowing
    • GOALS, GOALS, GOALS. How can you go anywhere if you don’t know where you are going?
    • RIGHT PEOPLE ON THE BUS. How to get the right people in the right positions.