image-brandOne of the most recognizable family bath soap brands in the country, Image enjoys high top of mind awareness in its category. A combination of size and great ingredients has made Image the soap of choice for many households in the country. Recently rebranded Image soap now comes in a bigger size that is 300g and is available in the three refreshing fragrances; Soothing Vitamin E (White), Fresh Aloe (Green) and Refreshing Rose & Glycerine (Pink). The brand is set to increase its market footprint in Southern and Eastern Africa.

Benefits of Image Soap (Fresh Aloe)


    • Long lasting
    • Heals and refreshes skin
    • Smoothing effect on skin

Size: 300g
Color: Green

Benefits of Image Soap (Refreshing Rose & Glycerine)


    • Long lasting
    • Revitalizes skin
    • Rejuvenates skin and gives it a soft texture

Size: 300g
Color: Pink

Benefits of Image Soap (Soothing Vitamin E)


    • Naturally inhibits skin disorders while keeping the skin moist
    • Keeps the skin moist
    • Long lasting

Size: 300g
Color: White

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