We have high expectations for ethical conduct in every aspect of our business guided by the principle Success comes from goodness. This means doing good is the foundation of who we are – from the brands we make to the policies that guide the way we do business.

This approach touches four areas:

Goodness to our environment

We believe we can do business successfully without negatively impacting our environment through reducing our environmental footprint, conserving and protecting the natural resources and communities upon which our business depends.

Goodness to our employees

At UR we know that our workers are our greatest resource. As result we value their morale, safety and personal career growth. We believe that occupational health and safety is the most important element of good operational performance from the factory floor to our offices. Employee Health & Wellness is the foundation of our success so we are committed to health and wellness to our employees around the world

Goodness to our consumers

At UR we value the trust of our consumers. That is why we strive to make our brands safe and high quality across all product categories. Because safety and quality are a top priority for us we always use ingredients and raw materials that are safe for our consumers and of high quality. We have put in place strong food safety and quality systems for our ingredients and our products and we continue to dialogue with our stakeholders so we can make our systems better.

Goodness to our partners

Solid partnerships are at the core of our business. From farmers supplying soya beans to transporters transporting raw materials, we treat each business relationship as a long – term partnership. These partnerships have seen us partnering soya beans farmers through providing finance and expertise for them to optimize their output.